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Vape Odin and Torch Vaporizers by Topbond


New Member
Hello, VAPORASYLUM members

Introduced by my friend to this forum. It looks great here. Well done, VAPORASYLUM Staffs.

Hope it is Okay to start a thread for our vapes here. Here is the brief features of Odin and Torch Vapes:
1, Mix of conduction and convection 2, Anodized alum housing(heat dispersive) 3, glass mouthpiece and its storage 4, OLED display
1, small size 2, conduction 3, glass mouthpiece ( available) 4, anodized alum housing ( black and golden) 5, 6 preset temperature setting


Look forward to your comments on our vapes. This year, our team gonna release some more vaporizer, pls keep an eye on our Instagram and website, thanks.

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