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Lunacy COVID-19


Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.
What an absolute CUNT, trying to sell hand sanitizer for US$70ea after buying up all the local (and not so local) stock. Hopefully proper stocks will send him bankrupt as you don't need assholes like this getting ahead.
He is under a price gouging investigation. Been the victim of pranks and online harassment and other forms of public ire. To save face I'm guessing, he did end up giving it to a church which then gave it to first responders. I don't like that he may have gotten bullied. But he and other potential gougers will realize that Ebay and Amazon are putting their foot down on this practice.

As for me, just found out I payed with a coupon code mind you (CBD20) $9.75 for my order which is coming from CORONA CA. The shipping being $4.95 and 20% off of $6.00. For a single oz of sanitizer. :doh: But at least I'll get out of the house with a backup plan. Hurry up supply chain. So I don't waste any more money.

The average normie needs to understand the concept of 'supply chain', not get hyped by the evening news and not get emotional about the pandemic and make rash decisions. Then panic buying TP and hand sanitizer. Or in more extreme cases drink bleach or chemicals meant for cleaning an aquarium. :yikes: Go to the doctor first if you feel anything.
OR You could accidentally order 48 boxes when you merely wanted 48 rolls.
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I don't like that he may have gotten bullied
He does not need bullying, he just needs someone to beat the shit out of him so he has a use for his paper...:rofl:
Edit, hang on, hand sanitizer, I am stuck on loo paper.
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But, tbh....I don't have a power washer so I'm down to this at the Baron residence. LOL



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Ah, even better....screw growing crops for TP, farming is a lot of hard work.

Just use smart animal husbandry and Bob's your uncle! hahaha

Can you that with a bull or do the horns get in the way? Hmmm?

But I don't have a cow....will a dog suffice (though that was better than "will a dog do" haha)

But every time I have to use that damn corn cob, I want to kill these people....for the good of humanity.

Ok, enough of this potty humor, I think I will actually try to get something done today....but, maybe not.

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Tbh I've been waiting for the conspiracy theories to start on this already
They’re not only out, they’ve been out:
- it’s a US bio weapon deliberately deployed in Wuhan
- it’s a Chinese bio weapon that either got loose or was made to look like the release was a containment failure
- it’s a snake virus
- it’s a bat virus
- it’s an ancient virus released from a black sarcophagus filled with goo that was opened in Egypt last year
- it’s nothing compared to other ancient viruses found in Siberia and Antarctica

That death rate is based statistically upon us not doing anything to stop its spread, but it doesn't diminish the seriousness of this outbreak at all.

People are going to die and I always take the time to remind those who think it's no big deal that it will be a big deal if it effects someone they care about....

As a healthcare wage slave who has a background in infectious diseases it's easy for me to envision this becoming a very real crises. It's not critical yet but it very easily will be if people disregard the precautionary measures.
That number is also based on maintaining a fatality rate of 1% or less

However, the world fatality rate has been hanging right around 4%, and that’s a much bigger number.: it’s services overload that ramps it up. Personally, given that the virus spread freely in the US for weeks with no testIng and little concern at all, our 59,000+ cases today might not be even the tip of the iceberg. It’s entirely possible that we’ll be approaching 1 million acknowledged cases before Sunday, so I’d say the crisis is here already...we just aren’t looking


Think things through: keep your mind on what you’re doing, limit your exposure, clean up after yourself and cleanup yourself up after every outing. Don’t be scared, just keep your wits and pay attention, and stay away from people when you’re out.

I’ve been isolating for 3 weeks now. I’m not ‘afraid’ of it, and I know I don’t want it, and I know I’ll probably get it: I hate being sick and I hate being fussed with, and there are 4 others here who, for better or worse, depend on me. The whole flattening the curve scenario isn’t about not getting sick - it’s about not ALL getting sick *now*...so if I get it last, there’ll be a bed and a vent for me
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it’s a bat virus
Actually, that part is not without some foundation based on genetic analysis. Speculation, and it will most likely never be proven or even known with any degree of certainty at all, but speculation is transmittal from a bat to a pangolin and then from the pangolin to humans....pangolins being food in China.


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Actually, that part is not without some foundation based on genetic analysis. Speculation, and it will most likely never be proven or even known with any degree of certainty at all, but speculation is transmittal from a bat to a pangolin and then from the pangolin to humans....pangolins being food in China.
Not a conspiracy theory. When we crowd large numbers of highly-stressed animals into small spaces, we create ideal breeding grounds for infectious agents. With so many microbes being produced, from time to time, rare mutations that enable one to infect humans will be observed.

For anyone considering the popular snake oils.

No, These Medicines Cannot Cure Coronavirus
As psychiatrists, we are worried about the shocking increase in people self-medicating with unsafe drugs.

By Jessica Gold, Chandan Khandai, Pooja Lakshmin and Jack Turban
Drs. Gold, Khandai, Lakshmin and Turban are psychiatrists.
March 25, 2020

Doctors have known for decades that chloroquine and related medications like hydroxychloroquine and mefloquine can cause psychiatric side effects even after just one dose. While some patients experience mild anxiety, insomnia and nightmares, others have severe symptoms like personality changes, paranoia, hallucinations and even suicidal thoughts.

Here’s one example of the impact these drugs can have: A 74-year-old woman, with no mental health history and otherwise doing well, was admitted to a psychiatric facility because she insisted her neighbors were shooting electromagnetic waves into her apartment. She said they were using these waves to spy on her and to destroy her brain. Her doctors were puzzled — until they discovered that she had recently started on chloroquine to treat her arthritis. Once the medication was stopped, she fully recovered.

Mental health changes are not the only risks we see. Chloroquine and azithromycin can also affect the heart’s normal rhythm by prolonging the “QT interval,” the time it takes for the large chambers in the heart to relax after pumping out blood. If the QT interval becomes too long, it can lead to abnormal rhythms, or arrhythmias, where the heart starts beating out of control. This change can cause death. The patients at risk of this are the same ones who are most vulnerable to Covid-19: the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. So while the president may claim these medications are “not killing people,” we know and have seen that in some cases they do.


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Not a conspiracy theory.
Well....that was typed in reply to me so....... I'm pretty sure I never said a word about conspiracy theories.

I did say "speculation" which to me is the appropriate description until "proof" is in hand...which may never happen.

And, while I have no argument that crowding food animals together in unsanitary conditions (to say the least) is indeed a breeding ground for disease, I will say again that while it is not without foundation in genetic analysis, it is still speculation that this transmitted from animal to human and what the exact vector was.



Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.
Not a conspiracy theory. When we crowd large numbers of highly-stressed animals into small spaces, we create ideal breeding grounds for infectious agents. With so many microbes being produced, from time to time, rare mutations that enable one to infect humans will be observed.
In two words. Animal reservoirs. Different species can carry viruses that are not as deadly in their own population. Then it jumps into our reservoir. Most of the epedemics occur in this manner.

1st known case of coronavirus traced back to November in China
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I'm immune compromised and get hit hard by everything that goes around. I feel lucky and blessed that I live in NZ, a country with good infrastructure and a government that is taking positive actions. But I'm not looking forward to the struggle that this virus will most likely send my way.

Big love to everyone, hope you all stay safe. Positive vibes galore to you and yours.


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I had to make a trip to my vet today for curbside service (meds for the dog). I was absolutely shocked to see how many people were out and about. The worst of it was young teens walking in groups and not observing anything close to social distancing. Between that and all of the coverage of people disregarding the seriousness of what's going on.... I'm sort of feeling this....

Maybe it's my age lol. Get off of my lawn.



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Cannabinoids, Influenza, and Coronavirus

Cannabinoids, Influenza, and Coronavirus
March 24, 2020 | Heather Despres

With everything happening in the news lately, we want to present some scientific data to help medical cannabis patients and adult-use consumers make informed decisions in regard to cannabis products available, product safety, and personal health. Each person’s health situation is unique, and medical cannabis patients should discuss with their doctor or healthcare provider the best approach to prevent and treat current illnesses while potentially battling influenza or coronavirus.
What is the influenza virus?
The influenza virus is an RNA-virus whose genera includes Influenza A, Influenza B, and Influenza C. RNA, which stands for ribonucleic acid, is present in all living cells and acts as a messenger from DNA that controls the synthesis of various proteins in the body. Why is this important? Instead of the body producing proteins needed for normal functioning, the RNA replicates the virus, causing the viral load inside the body to increase.
Figure 1: Molecular Structure of Influenza Virus
Figure 1: Molecular Structure of Influenza Virus1 What is the coronavirus?
The coronavirus is also a class of RNA-viruses that replicates rapidly, and includes Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).2 It is called a coronavirus because of the crown-like spikes3 that extrude from the virus, as shown in Figure 2. However, the structure of the flu virus is noticeably different in that the spikes that protrude from the cell are the same height as the membrane proteins, whereas in the coronavirus the protein spikes are higher than the membrane proteins. Why is this structural difference important? Simply put, it makes the coronavirus harder to treat and it makes traditional flu vaccines ineffective.
Figure 2: Molecular Structure of Coronavirus
Figure 2: Molecular Structure of Coronavirus4 Cannabis and the Immune System
In the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids and terpenes interact with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, as well as other receptors. While both CB1 and CB2 receptors are present in the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS), CB2 receptors are more heavily located in immunomodulatory cells. The immune system plays a key role in helping people stay healthy by performing a number of different functions through various molecular pathways.

In 2008, Buchweitz et al. reported the effects of THC on mice infected with the influenza virus and noted that the immune system experienced increased viral loads and suppressed lymphocyte production.5 A follow-up study reported by Karmaus et al., appears to support the initial data that THC may suppress the immune system and cause increased viral load.6 It should be noted however, that these were small studies conducted on mice, where cannabinoids were ingested, and have been hard to replicate.
Immune system suppression is only one potential outcome of the consumption of THC. Many patients with HIV/AIDS or those who are suffering from cachexia or chemotherapy-related nausea, who have compromised immune systems, are recommended THC to alleviate these devastating side effects. THC also shows promise in treating inflammatory responses to multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.7 Lunn, et al., note that CBD has well-documented anti-inflammatory properties and that it may inhibit immune cell migration through CB2 receptor activation,8 and studies on the entourage effect have shown addition of CBD to potentially change the outcome of THC activity.
Patient Recommendations
What can be seen from this lack of conclusive scientific data, is that each medical cannabis patient must take into account their own personal needs and their own personal situation. If patients have found a particular product that works well for them, they should continue to take their medication as recommended by their physician. If a patient is experiencing the flu, coronavirus, or other types of respiratory illness, they should consult with their physician to determine what changes may need to be made to their medications. This may include switching from an inhalation type of medicating (i.e., smoking/vaping) to an oral medication (i.e., edibles, lozenges, oil extracts, etc.).
Patients are also encouraged to follow all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines to prevent the spread of illness and follow good sanitation practices. Many states with medical cannabis programs have put into place good production and sanitation practices to help ensure that the products being sold meet health and safety requirements. Consumers should ensure that the products that they are purchasing have been cultivated and manufactured in a manner consistent with health and safety requirements. The Patient’s Guide to CBD, which reviews best practices and discusses how to read a certificate of analysis, is a good resource for those wanting to learn more.
Americans for Safe Access has also developed a series of COVID-19 policy recommendations for Governors and medical cannabis program heads, which you can review and support online. ASA also encourages patients and advocates to share descriptions of the COVID-19 responses impacting their local cannabis businesses and their implications for patients. We have created a central hub for sharing those experiences.

  1. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-10-flu-americans-year.html
  2. Masters, P.S. (2006) The Molecular Biology of Coronaviruses. Advances in Virus Research, 66:193-292.
  3. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html
  4. Holmes, K.V. (2003) SARS-Associated Coronavirus. New England Journal of Medicine, 348(20):1948-1951.
  5. Buchweitz, J.P., et al. (2008) Targeted deletion of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 produced enhanced inflammatory responses to influenza A/PR/8/34 in the absence and presence of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 83(3):785-796.
  6. Karmaus, P.W., et al. (2013) 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Impairs the Inflammatory Response to influenza Infection: Role of Antigen-Presenting Cells and the Cannabinoid Receptors 1 and 2. Toxicological Sciences, 131(2):419-433.
  7. Pertwee, R.G. (2008) The diverse CB1 and CB2 receptor pharmacology of three plant cannabinoids: 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and 9-tetrahydrocannabivarin. British Journal of Pharmacology, 153:199-215.
  8. Lunn, C.A., et al. (2006) A novel cannabinoid peripheral cannabinoid receptor-selective inverse agonist blocks leukocyte recruitment in vivo. Journal of Pharmacological Experimental Theories, 316:780-788.

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