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Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member

You guys have no idea how hard it was to choose.... there were some absolutely stellar entries.

But there was one entry that really hit the mark.

The winning entry is by @Kurtdigglur .............................


Lol... my DIL asked me, "Does this guy know you?" I'm often in my robe vaping in the morning.... and I read Tarot cards. This particular entry reminds me a lot of The Magician...


So Congratulations Kurt! Hit me up in pm...

I want to also say that there were two really close runners up. @Fat Freddy 's graffiti wall and @Popi 's inmate pass were really great efforts as well. So if either of you two would like an Asylum t-shirt or a dab mat hit me up in pm.

And @Fat Freddy .... you just know I'm going to be sporting those vapor nails....

Thanks to everyone for participating. I'm so glad everyone had fun... and I think this is something that we should do annually. So don't put away the pens and pencils!


Well-Known Member
Congrats mate :)

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