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Lunacy Fur Babies & other critters (the pets thread)


We now have four cats, two indoors and two outdoor cats (brothers born in a friend's wood shed), two small dogs, and 7 chickens.

At first I was against outside cats, but they've won me over.

I cut a cat hole/door in a pole barn. Inside they have a 3 level enclosure, with a hammock, a heated house, and food/water.

They come and go as they please. I taught them to climb trees, since we live in the woods and have predators. And we go for cat walks, lol.

The main reason we got them was to control vermin near the chicken coop and compost heap. Mice, chipmonks, and gophers mostly, with an occasional mole or shrew.

Now they're supreme mousers, they mind better, and seem much more mentally adjusted than our inside whacos.
We have 1 cat and 1 dog!
They are loved!
Old 15 year’s old. (Both)


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Snoozy pup after his wash today



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Since sharing I've come me to realise the dancing dog is not so cute and apparently has distemper which is a nasty disease dogs can get :(

The Jenga dog is still cool though :)


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Spaceship, the feral yard cat that moved into the house on Thanksgiving Day, has claimed a prized spot on my bed. Resolutely ignoring dogs and other cats, she has moved closer to the source of heat, love and food. I've been in bed receiving from two surgeries, so she's had a good return of affection for her bravery.
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