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Discontinued MistVape Essence

Vapes no longer in production


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Been working on a butane vape, hope to release it soon. Here are some pics of the Essence.

It is about 6" long and 7/8" diameter. The stem is a 14 mm glass piece, off to side for size comparison.
The top and bottom caps come off to expose the mouthpiece and air inlet.

There is a maple insert that the inlet and stem plug into. Since the maple sees all the heat the outer tube can be any type of wood without worry of "flavor" from the exotic wood. This one is purple heart.
This shows the insert. In a production unit the insert is locked in place with a screw or a dowel pin.

I have a machine shop quoting on the parts now, as soon as I get more info I'll be able to put a price on it.
The audio is wierd, sorry.
Here is a usage video with the MistVape Essence. The stem is loaded with 100 mg Pineapple Fields.

Here is the contents of the stem after the 4 hits in the video. Needs a stir and a few more hits for sure.


Hey @momofthegoons check out the photos on the wall in the background. Canada Creek circa 1978, great brookie waters. For everyone else it's a Michigan thing.
...I concur with vitolo's analysis ...although I have no video to post....:loco:...this thing is beautiful...lovely in the hands...so simple...and...hits like a champ....another winner from mist vape.:clap:.....with this beauty....dare I say it....I'm through buying vapes.....for awhile ...anyways
I just ordered 100 maple inserts for the Essence and 100 wongs. should take about 3 to 4 weeks to get them. Then I have to make the body and caps. Planning on running a promotion offering a package, Essence, WonG and maybe a bit more at a bargain price. I'll post more as it progresses.
Hey guys I've got a new MistVape Essence video I'd like to share. It features a fritted disc in the glass intake.

At first I wasn't so into it but I've really grown to like it and the extraction I can get without stirring. Flavor is vastly improved, only gripe is airflow is now restricted.

I had my stir tool ready yesterday and somehow lost it in my apartment, hoping I find it soon.
@paytonpenn nice video, thanks for posting. I have a machine shop quoting for making the stir tool and collar out of plain maple. Hopefully they come in at a reasonable price and I can offer them inexpensively. Of course the exotic wood ones are always available.
I'll be announcing a roll out next week. Planning on offering a package deal, Essence, WonG, stir tool and collar. It will be a nice deal with a portion of each sale being donated to the Salvation Army for disaster relief.
Arghh! the company that agreed to make the maple inserts and WonG has bailed on me. They said there was some confusion on the design and they missed a feature initially. When they understood the part they decided they couldn't make it.
I have another company that is looking at the parts but I'm not sure if they can do it.
One company said they could do it but had a minimum of 5,000 pieces so I can't do that.
I'll have something ready soon, even if I have to make all the parts myself.
Here is the Essence kit. The stir tool is now designed so it can be used to seat and remove cup screens from the glass stems.

I found a new supplier and should have pricing from them early next week. Then I'll announce a roll out and a portion of each sale will be donated to disaster relief in Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands.
The pre order for the Essence kit is on, $105 including U.S. shipping. For each sale $10 will be donated to the Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Island relief effort. The kit will include a fritted glass air inlet for enhanced flavor.
I have parts ordered and expect to start shipping in 8 to 10 weeks.
Came up with a new style for the air inlet, side port instead of end port.

The inlet hole is now on the side instead of in the front. Getting some feedback on this from testers, I like it. By pointing the flame at the inlet, having just the tip of the flame touch the edge of the inlet, works great.
Here is the beer bottle bubbler v2.0

The air channels are in the wood connected by the upright glass tubes. The piece that fits into the bottle can be moved up and down. This one is made out of scrap wood, now that I have a functioning design I'll make some out of nicer wood.
The Essence and mouthpiece are plugged into 14 mm tapered female wood fittings (similar to a 14 mm ground glass joint except made of wood).
The mouthpiece needs to be a lot classier, what is your favorite mouthpiece for a bubbler?

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