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Convection vaporizers
Convection vaporizers rely on passing hot air around and through aromatic blends.

    Vape DC Elev8R - E-Elev8R by Disorderly Conduction and 7th Floor

    I guess it's about time this baby gets its own thread. There are several versions of the Elev8R by 7th Floor. We will be discussing the coil driven (desktop) Elev8R in this tread. If you are looking for the torch driven (portable), that thread is here. So first things first. Vape Critic...
  2. Baron23

    Vape Vivant VLeaF GO

    I received a VLeaF GO to evaluate but I’m a bit late to the party with my observations. My attention has simply been elsewhere due to well…the obvious. I did not take and post any pictures as there are good pictures on Vivant's website (see below for direct link). Also, Vivant gave me a...

    Discontinued Supreme V6

    Hello Vapor Asylum family! After years of enjoying my SV3 I looked into bringing the SV4 to the store knowing the SV3 had been discontinued. So I reached out to Ed and was informed that he was already moved onto the SV6! Don't ask me what happened to the SV5! :rofl: So as you can see the...
  4. Linx Vapor

    Vape Linx Eden

    Hi Vapor Asylum Members, We have some exciting news; we have just released our newest convection vaporizer! Dubbed Linx Eden, the newest member of the Linx Vapor family combines the great tastes (that come only from convection) with the versatility of the Linx dual Herb/Wax Lava Plates for...
  5. Ed's TnT

    Vape PipeScents Portable Convection Vaporizer - Eds TnT

    Like anything else I do it started off going one direction and can quickly veer off course and into something I hadn’t even considered. So, after an attempt at a Lotus stem body and some modifications by an innovative tester and a few betas down the line I am happy to be able to offer the...
  6. NizzyJones

    Vape Firewood 5

    Still no Firewood 5 thread? Time to remedy that. Really loving mine (OG curved walnut model). Convection/Radiant on demand heater; wood, glass & ceramic vapor path; five bowls built in; good battery life; easy to use, easy to carry, beautiful wood, woodworking and overall build quality. My...
  7. beyond6strings

    Vape Lil Bud from Vapwood

    This is my first week here on VA. I noticed there wasn't a thread for one of my favorite vapes; the Lil' Bud from Vapwood. For those of you who participate at FC as well you know the maker as Bravesst. I am a fan of artisan crafted items. Whether its guitars, beer, bourbon, or vaporizers, I...
  8. duff

    Vape Modpod Labs Stempod

    The ModPod Labs Stempod is a 510 full convection dry herb attachment available now. It is very similar in style to the Splinter except the Stempod is all metal. The Stempod has airflow adjustment, replaceable coils, nearly indestructible and can accommodate any 18mm male stem. Since you can...
  9. duff

    Vape Tubo Evic by Lamart

    Full convection on-demand vape made in Switzerland. What's not to like?
  10. duff

    Vape Nomad by Morwood

    Totally pumped to be getting this sucker in the next week or two. I'm not a flashy guy so I went with plain paper.
  11. BD9

    Vape X - Max Fog

    Xvapeusa has their X - Max Fog portable vape on sale (regular price $99.00) for $69.00. https://xvapeus.com/index.php/sale/xvape-fog.html "The Fog uses 100% convection technology which is different than standard dry herb vapes which typically use conduction. While conduction bakes the chamber...
  12. little miss deadly

    Vape Pulsar Flow

    Hi Everyone.This was my purchase during recent black friday sales.i went for the wood model. Pulsar Flow details: Convection hybrid design Inbuilt lithium ion battery quartz heating chamber similar magnetic vapor cooling plate design as the firefly quartz heating chamber heat ranges...
  13. Linx Vapor

    Vape Updated Linx Gaia

    Hi Vapor Asylum members, Eddie with Linx Vapor here I wanted to touch base with you all and tell you about the newest upgrade of the Linx Gaia. As some of you may know, the original Linx Gaia was our first venture into dry herb vaporizers. It was one of the first All Quartz oven dry herb...
  14. 420vapezone

    Vape Firewood 4

    The Firewood 4 is a portable convection vape made of wood. The 4th iteration features a removable 18650 battery, a separate (optional) cooling unit/top cap, and a capsule system for multiple sessions on the go. The heater is on-demand. It senses your draw and turns the heater on. It is still...
  15. SlowDrawMcGraw

    Vape The Sticky Brick

    Hey Everyone, Sticky Brick Labs here, to start a thread so we can have communicaton on our specific units. First and foremost, we are glad to be apart of this forum. Its exciting to have a place to share information about our products and a place for Past, Present, and future Sticky Brick...

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