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I was born in COMPTON, CALIFORNIA (south central LOS ANGLES, CA)
Grew up poor then not so poor?
My vinyl record’thems were my life or babysitting device? (Wish I kept them)
My brother has Them? most likely?
Comic book’s,, classic book’s,, baseball card’s, surf board’s, old videos and wood tool’s (hand as well as plug-in’s)
Should of saved them?

Work was my babysitter
Just turned thirteen when I landed a job busing tables 30 hours a week downtown
Took a trolley home on Thursdays at 11:30 at night after a high mass at the Arch Street Church that let out at 9 or 9:30
Pewter Pot muffin house if I recall correctly
I was never in danger because everyone had a Saturday night special
.38 snub nose
Well I woke up early and decided to watch Nightmare Alley. And I cried like a little baby bitch boy.

I was shaking and trembling and murmuring. I haven't been like this since The Shape of Water.

So don't watch del Toro movies before you go to bed. Not a good idea.
Lady friend and I had another dance off. I went Joker because I know it best.

She went Wednesday on me. Apparently she won.

Fine. But in my defense ... I fucking nailed that shit. But she was better.

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