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Grow Post your Cannabis Plant Pictures


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So my ladies are 35 days old they are loving being in bigger pots and I am going to flip them to 12/12 soon I think they had there first trim lastnight I only took off a few leaves that were covering lower sites but I am really pleased with there progress


AFHANI x WHITE WIDOW = grown outdoor’s old school = Took da air from da lung’s!
Sleeping was fine.
Day light hour’s = coughed & stayed in bed?
Surfing was a activity impossible even though da wave’s were decent!
Dazed & confused CIVILIZATION realized on the place called earth in some countries on the Pale Blue Dot!
1977 long hair on bi-pedal stoner hippie type according to square goof ball dwellers .
2021 = DUTCH CRUNCH is the pile of seed’s 2 plant in the garden planter? (DUTCH TREAT X JACK HERER)
Outdoor grow due 2 y wife destroying the INDOOR set-up in the garage + electrical too high of bill.
Nature is the way 1 can grow CANNABIS?
1970’s nonSEED’s 4 tribe of wave ridder’s!
People on the rat race grid said surfer’s in the ocean R wasteful!
Cola’s grown was NIVANNA b-4 bricks
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