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Vape Underdog


@ataxian Whatever you are most comfortable with. I have absolutely no wish to be prescriptive on the issue. I speak only for myself.
Another way of framing this log vs non-log debate is to consider their production. People like Dave UD or Ed WS and others like them are true craftsmen. Each unit they build is made by hand.
It takes great skill and minute attention to detail (trust me on that - I'm learning the hard way!). And it takes a profound concern for the person who is going to be using it - which is why their CS is second to none.
It also explains why log users feel themselves to be part of a community.
Compare that with a perfectly functional desktop vape that comes with a perfectly adequate warranty... that is made in a factory somewhere. That works for some people, yes. Just not for me.

@Stevenski Many thanks for the encouragement. My efforts to date would look hoplessly amateur next to the many beautiful logs shown on that thread. But I guess there are worse things in life than being regarded as hoplessly amateur, eh?
I have my take on thing’s?
Put your EGO in your pocket!

I Made wooden surfboard’s for MUSEUM’s and collecter’s and surfed In the PACIFIC with no population!
PARADISE is what matter’s to one!

Excuse my perspective while MAUI WOWIE is what I’m enjoying!
Grow indoor’s with all kind fertilizer’s or OUTSIDE in NATURE with element’s that are not financially driven!
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ok ... here is some pictures of my new pup ... my custom fyt log is complete and has been shipped! here are some pics dave at underdog vapes sent me after turning the wood (before assembly of the internals)! this thing is gorgeous ... i can't wait to get it in my hands ... dave was great to work with and all transactions were smooth as butter!






Enter the Dragon
Staff member
What a nice looking piece. So many elements to it. You will always find something new to stare at after a rip or two.


Semi shaved ape
I realize I have not spread the good word here regards the Alpha.
Dave blew it out with these,wide open draw giant bowl size and ridiculously huge,smooth,tasty clouds.
A very heavy hitter.....harder than a lsv.
Better than a weedeater in EVERY way.
Safe,beautiful and unique........best vapes we own.

Regular dog Nong,Alpha Nong and 18 to 18 for scale.
Has a half inch id and I load around .25 but you can go more or less as you choose.

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PuffItUp Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC Dispensr