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I received a VLeaF GO to evaluate but I’m a bit late to the party with my observations. My attention has simply been elsewhere due to well…the obvious. I did not take and post any pictures as there are good pictures on Vivant's website (see below for direct link).

Also, Vivant gave me a discount code of “stephen20” to offer to others. Insofar as this is a $69.99 vape, with 20% off that's basically $56. Great price point.

For more info, see Vivant’s site….it’s pretty informative.


Who am I

I believe that some knowledge of the reviewer is germane to understanding the review and the reviewer’s perspective and values. I’m 67, first used cannabis over 50 years ago but it was not very prevalent for most of the middle of my life as I pursue career and family. Starting 12 years ago with a back injury and surgery, I began use cannabis for medical reasons (pain relief and sedation) and when my state’s program opened up, I became a bona fide medical patient. This is pretty key to my POV. I vape almost exclusively at night, at home, and with hard hitting desktops to kill pain and let me get some sleep. I like it fast and strong.

I am retired now but was a professional nitpicker! Haha For most of my career, I work as an engineer/project manager/program manager in aviation and technical products industries. The general approach was to pick all nits and get them on a list, then later prioritize which need to be fixed and which we and our customers could live with. So, this is my picked nits list (haha...not really too much to complain about).

What this vape is to me

My first impression was that this was intended to be a lower cost, full convection, budget, pocketable, fairly stealth vape and that this is the market niche the GO is aimed at.

This vape will be selling for $70 which is a very, very good price.

Now, I’m not wealthy but I am comfortably retired and if I want a vape bad enough, I have the means to purchase it. So, in general this is not a vape I would normally pursue personally because, as I have mentioned, I’m mostly an at home on a desktop at night vaporists.

But it does kind of remind me of my Healthy Rips Fury 2 as far as market placement. The GO is much less expensive but also does not have an LED display or single digit temp setting resolution.

What I liked
  1. I do like the basic shape and that it is indeed pretty stealthy. That’s not a characteristic important to me, but I do know it is for many others.
  2. I LOVE the little scooper on the end of the oven. It’s just a simple, great idea that nobody had before and it makes it very easy to scoop up a load out of a grinder or container.
  3. I like that Vivant included a spare chamber and spare air cooler, mesh screen, and retaining ring. This is good.
  4. I really like that the scoop assembly comes out and that it and the chamber can be easily cleaned or replaced. This also provides access to the embedded heater element which is also removable and replaceable. This access allows the heater to be blown out with compressed air or the like to remove dust and particulates. Not sure why you would need to replace the entire heating element assembly except in case of failure.
  5. The vapor was surprisingly good. I had very modest expectations but I found it to be a pretty decent vapor producer. Not great, but pretty good. First draw was thin but that’s common and after than it was warmed up and the vapor was good. I’m not going to say “thick” as my basis for that is the FlowerPot/EVO/G43 type desktops. But rather good for an inexpensive, portable, full convection device. I was happy. Now, understand I ran it on Red constantly. Green and Yellow temps were just too cool for my tastes.
  6. I like the extension on the cap to settle down or stir your load.
  7. It’s fairly easy to use. In general, I hate “one button to bind them all” type designs. Drives me crazy. But, Vivant did a pretty good job. Five clicks for on/off, one to see batt level, two to cycle through temps.
  8. I did not use session mode as I just don’t see this as a desirable mode for a full convection portable. Others, who want to put it through a WP, may value this feature. But again, to me this is an on-the-go stealthy portable and I personally would not view it as a vape engine for a water rig (as I do view the Grasshopper…when working haha)
  9. I did use the on-demand mode and it worked well. Seemed to heat up fast with no real delay before I began my draw. I did not delay starting my draw any longer than it took to push the button and bring it to my mouth. I did not do any preheating. I did find that this vape, as is common with convection portables, does benefit from a long slow draw. Long and slow and the vapor is good.
  10. While I have more short USB charging cables from vapes than I know what to do with, Vivant did include one and I liked that it was fabric coated and not the really crappy vinyl feeling insulators on the wire.
  11. I did not find the mouthpiece to get too hot. Bit warm, but not hot. But then again I do hit a Grasshopper natively from time to time! Haha

What I did not like
  1. The air cooler assembly (the silicone piece, the mesh screen, and the retaining ring). Look, I don’t mind a plastic mouthpiece. I know that there are all kinds of plastics and, unlike some of the more material focused FC members, I don’t mind good quality, proper plastic. The shell of the cap is not problem at all to me. But there is this silicone air cooler right above the oven and I suspect that many people are NOT going to like silicone in the air path. I have found that the air cooler in my unit is easily displaced (as it in ain’t hard for it to fall off of the plastic nipple from the cap on which it’s loosely press fitted) and it’s a pain in the butt to get it and the ring/mesh seated back in the cap shell. Twice so far I have opened the cap and found the retaining ring and mesh pulled off of the air cooler and stuck to the oven. I used a set of hemostats…but that or needle nose pliers are what’s needed to get it back in there and fully seated unless you have very small and nimble fingers. I just don’t like this design at all. The cap is fine. The air cooler is less than fit for purpose, IMO. I would like very much to see this design changed.
  2. While I like the cap, I don’t believe it is secured well enough to be pocketable. I think you need something a bit more robust than an o-ring press fit. It will, IMO, fall off when in your pocket.
  3. The temp LEDs are…well, kind of muddy colored. The yellow looks a lot reddish, the red is kind of dim, they are not nearly as good of colors as the batt indicator Green or Red for example. Small stuff but it’s a nit picking list.
  4. I did not use the silicone mouth piece condom. As mentioned, the mouthpiece just didn’t get that hot and I’m very temperature sensitive. I’m really surprised that Vivant chose to put this in the kit. Hopper Labs received unending grief over their silicon condom along the lines of “why do I need a condom on my damn vape” and “its silicone, gets completely grungy, and I won’t soak silicon in ISO”. IMO, it’s not needed and it’s just waving a red flag at a bull. If it was me, I would dump it from the kit.
Other comments
  1. Temperature – Vivant has listed the temps as “green means 600℉,yellow means 625F, red means 650℉. I have no idea what these temps represent but it certainly cannot be the air temp as it directly impacts the load or it would combust, no? I agree with OF that temps in a full convection vape are meaningless without data on the airflow. With the Volcano, because they have a constant rate of air flow, they can indeed calculate air temp as it hits the oven…but airflow from direct in-breathing, no. So, take these numbers with a grain of salt. To me, Red (all I found useable for me) felt like about a 385F temp but WTF really knows.
  2. The short bottle brush included in the accessories is a much wider diameter than the oven. Yes, this is a definitely a nit but what they need to include is one of the small bottle brushes that come with most other portables. This brush is not fit for purpose.
  3. The manual says that to change temperature, just press the button twice. This is not really accurate. The first time you double press you get returned the current temp and it does not change temp on that action. You need to double press again to start cycling through the temps.

All in all, this is IMO a very good budget vape dry flower offering from Vivant. The only change I would be insistent upon is replacement of the silicone air cooler assembly with something NOT silicone in the air path and that is much better secured in the cap.
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From the Puffitup blog:

The Vivant VLeaF GO
The VLeaF GO is an on-demand convection vaporizer that packs a punch. Designed for micro-dosing, the chamber holds about .04 grams and can be fully extracted in roughly three rips.

Lots of on-demand vaporizers need to "heat soak" before using. This is one of the few vaporizers that is actually ready to use as soon as you press the button!

We spent the last month testing out this vaporizer and talking to other VLeaF GO users on our Twitch stream! Here is what we have learned:

Vivant VLeaF GO

  • Surprisingly affordable. The price starts at only $69
  • Powerful vapor production
  • Small enough that you won't notice it in your pocket
  • Mouthpiece works well with water-pipes (14mm and 18mm!)
  • Built in chamber cleaning tool
  • Easy to load chamber
  • Idiot-proof single button use
  • Solid build quality
  • Battery life
  • Top screen can come out if you don't pack the chamber properly
  • Dry rips directly off the device can be harsh if you're not careful
How To use your VLeaF GO
  • Loosely pack the chamber full of herb. Do not over-pack, this will cause the flower to extract unevenly.
  • Press the power button 5 times to turn it on or off
  • Adjust the temperature by pressing the button twice ( green = low, yellow = medium, red = high )
  • Press and hold the button to take an on demand rip
  • For session mode, press the button three times. This will keep the VLeaF GO on for 30 seconds


Smaller than expected
Only 5.5 inches tall and .75 inches wide, and weighing in at 2.25 ounces, the VLeaF GO is a pocket-friendly portable!

That's small! The closest comparison in weight and function would be the Grasshopper which is 5.5 inches tall, .55 inches wide and weighs 2.35 ounces.

vivant vleaf go battery charge time
Battery Life

The internal 900 mAh battery gets you about 3-6 packs per charge with about 3 rips per pack.

Charge time via Micro USB is about 60-70 minutes.

This vape is great for solo micro-dosing. However if you want longer sessions for yourself or groups of people, the battery life will probably not be enough.

Vivant vleaf go parts
Build Quality

Overall the build quality of the VLeaF GO is pretty solid. The air-path is fully isolated and materials appear to be properly used.

You can easily disassemble the chamber and the parts below for cleaning which we like. Hopefully more vaporizers start doing this.

We have not had any issues with our vaporizers however it is good to know if the heating element does have a problem it can easily be replaced.

Would you like to see our full tear-down of theVLeaF GO? Click HERE so you can see the build quality inside and out!

Vapor Production
Dry rips - If you try to power-hit your VLeaF without water filtration or extending the airpath, the vapor is going to come out hot and harsh. We suggest taking slower rips to avoid this. With proper self control, the vapor comes out better than we would expect from such a small vaporizer.

Water Filtration - TheVLeaF GO excels with a water piece. Both flavor quality and cloud production. No complaints here.

vivant vleaf go cleaning

From time to time you might need to fully disassemble the chamber for cleaning.

For regular cleaning it doesn't take much effort. For us, 2-3 cotton swabs and a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol is all it takes. Swabbing the chamber and the mouthpiece takes little time and will have everything looking as good as new!

Vivant vleaf go unboxing

What's in the box
Every VLeaF GO includes the following:

  • VLeaF GO Vaporizer (obviously)
  • Silicone mouthpiece cover
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Replacement Air Cooler
  • Extra Screen attachment
  • 2 o-rings for the "scoop"
  • 1 o-ring for the chamber
  • Scoop seal
  • Replacement Chamber
  • User Manual
Making a Good On-Demand Convection Vaporizer
On-Demand (ready to use as soon as you hit the power button)

Convection (hot air flows through your chamber instead of the chamber getting hot like conduction)

Both these terms have become buzzwords in our industry. Who doesn't want a vaporizer that tastes great and produces instant vapor?

Here's the problem, both of these create design challenges. The most common issues tend to be with the battery and the overall longevity of the vaporizer.

Batteries - Both on-demand and convection are energy hogs compared to standard conduction.

Longevity - The added stress of a vaporizer constantly getting hot and cooling down tends to degrade heating elements and circuitry.

Vivant is an interesting company that doesn't seem to shy away from design challenges.The VLeaf GO is not their only on-demand vaporizer however it is the first one we are excited to carry in our shop.

Vivant VLeaF GO

Final thoughts

$69 is a great MSRP for a vaporizer with this many unique features!

This is an awesome vaporizer for Sneak-a-tokes. If you are looking for something to use all day long or with a group of friends, then this might not be the vaporizer for you. However, if you are looking for a few ultra-discreet rips throughout the day, this is a solid option!

We are comfortable with this vaporizer and it's build quality which is why we are adding it to our store. However with all new items we sell, it takes some time before we can collect enough feedback to fully form an opinion.
VLeaF GO TearDown
Posted by Randy Thompson on June 10, 2020
vivant vleaf go teardown
Well hello again and welcome to another exciting Teardown!
We rip vaporizers apart so you don't have to. Disassembling your vaporizer will void your warranty!
Alright let's get-er-done
vivant vleaf go
Vivant VLeaF GO Teardown
Vivant is more than a company that overuses caps. They have a full lineup of herb vaporizers costing $100 or less. Typically with budget friendly vaporizers you see less innovation in the design. Vivant is one of the very few companies making unique and conceptual designs in this price range.
We have only added one Vivant product to our store in the past and it was removed after a few weeks.
Our skepticism is high with any vaporizer however theVLeaF GO got our attention because the on-demand function is nice and the build quality looked solid.
If you want to know more about the vleaf go and how it works, check out our full review here.
vivant vleaf go top piece
vivant vleaf go chamber and cap

Similar to what DynaVap did with their caps, the VLeaF has a poker tool built into the mouthpiece. Poker tools are super useful, some vaporizers store a tool inside the vape. Building it into the cap males a lot of sense because the poker will be in your hand when you need it most.
vivant vleaf go mouthpiece parts
Here we see the mesh screen, air cooler and mouthpiece.
Convection vapor needs a chance to cool down or it can taste harsh. This airpath is a little shorter than we would like however we have been testing out a few different mods that we think might help.
vivant vleaf go base
vivant vleaf go chamber
vivant vleaf go chamber parts

The chamber and housing is designed to be removed easily. We like this a lot.
Below the chamber there is a silicone "scoop seal" that holds the chamber in place. This is a common area we see silicone used.
The chamber itself is made of aluminum.
Those two o-rings keep the mouthpiece in place.
vivant vleaf go heating element
vivant vleaf go heating element

Another great removable part, the heating element.
This piece slides out so you can clean or replace it if needed. Again, thumbs up to Vivant for making these parts easy to access.
The shell is zirconia ceramic.
vivant vleaf go mesh screen
The heating element is Grade 316 Stainless Steel. The wires run underneath the ceramic shell and connect to positive and negative connectors.
The wires are welded to the mesh screen. It appears to be an autogenous weld without any use of filler.

vivant vleaf go vaporizer screw
When we start ripping vaporizers apart, we usually don't know what we are doing. The VLeaF GO has one visible screw so it seems like the right place to start.
vivant vleaf go green part removal
This screw removed the green accent piece which is a good start however nothing else below it wants to come out.
vivant vleaf go pressure fit cap
This bottom cap looks suspicious though....
vivant vleaf go bottom cap
Yup, the cap is pressure fitted into the shell.
vivant vleaf go battery removal
There still doesn't seem to be a proper way to disassemble these parts so we are going to rip some stuff out.
vivant vleaf go battery
The battery is a 3.7v, 900 mAh 16450. That is less power than we would like to see in a vaporizer however we get they are trying to make this thing as small as possible.
There are higher capacity internal 16450's out there so vivant might be able to slightly increase the battery life in the future.
It looks like the only place for the battery to vent is through the usb port. We might need to disassemble anotherVLeaF to confirm this.
vivant vleaf go internal parts
vivant vleaf go teardown internals
vivant vleaf go chasis

This black sleeve is your chamber housing. The positive and negative connections are on the bottom and the air flows in from the side vents.
Isolated airpaths are something we are always looking for. Not every vaporizer isolates their airpath however they all should.
vivant vleaf go connectors
These positive and negative connectors have a ceramic plate that sits below the connectors.
In our not-so-scientific dismantling of the VLeaF, we cracked this part with a screw driver. That's our bad not vivant.
vivant vleaf go teardown button
vivant vleaf go housing
vivant vleaf go housing

The circuitry shell and button. That black mark is our fault.
We noticed our beta units had a loose button however in the final production version it felt snug. Loose buttons make vaporizers feel cheap, we are glad this was addressed.
vivant vleaf go teardown circuitry front
vivant vleaf go circuitry back

Cool looking circuitry. It is two boards sandwiched together with the button, LED lights and micro usb all within one inch of space. Vivant clearly wanted to make this vaporizer as small as possible.
vivant vleaf go teardown final
Us vapor-enthusiasts have a habit of telling people what to think about vaporizers.
We do these teardowns to start a conversation. For us, theVLeaF GO has met our standards for build quality. The airpath is isolated, the materials used are common and nothing stands out as a "red flag".
I stil think this is a very nice, budget vape and great for on the go. It does need a bit more batt capacity and they are looking at replacing the ring/mesh screen that comes off constantly for me.

One point of clarification from Puffitup's review...pressing twice just gets you into temp change mode with subsequent double clicks serially cycling thru the three temps. What Puffitup published is direct from Vivant's manual (of course, maybe they changed this since it was pointed out by me and other testers).

The manual says that to change temperature, just press the button twice. This is not really accurate. The first time you double press you get returned the current temp and it does not change temp on that action. You need to double press again to start cycling through the temps.

Puffitup does a great job all the way around.
A new 70's review by Criminal Pete,
Seems like a V2 is coming soon, I will jump on a couple of them when they become available, I like V2 or later with most things...the only bugs I like are the cotton-tailed variety.
A new 70's review by Criminal Pete,

Wow, that’s really an unfortunate mustache and hair cut combo.

He needs maybe a black leather captains hat to go with.

Wow, that’s some kind of look. Haha

Ok, I’m guessing he did as I and used any available clippers to cut his own hair during lockdown.

But that mustache......???
This looks interesting
Cheap as chips and if it works as he says in a similar fashion to the GH I'm impressed

Just hope it doesn't have any melting issues as with their crafty copy.....

Nice vapour production in the video

20% off with Troy's code

PS @momofthegoons
I finally after all this time worked out how to make a new thread on my ownsome lol

Hahaha stoned learner
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This looks interesting
Cheap as chips and if it works as he says in a similar fashion to the GH I'm impressed

Just hope it doesn't have any melting issues as with their crafty copy.....

Nice vapour production in the video

20% off with Troy's code

PS @momofthegoons
I finally after all this time worked out how to make a new thread on my ownsome lol

Hahaha stoned learner
I have one. It was a gift from my buddy. It don't rip like the Hopper but that don't mean it don't rip! Its a bit fatter and doesn't have the same high quality materials but then again it's a fraction of the price. Vapor is hotter as you can imagine. Better through glass, just like the Hopper.
Been out for a while and is supposed to be quite good, once you put @ddave filters in it to fix the 'screen falling out' problem that Troy talks about,
He does sell the Vleaf Go as well but is out of stock.
Still looking forward to some extra savings come Black Friday to help cover the nasty shipping costs involved with not living in the US.
Troy also disliked the dim LED and other users complained about the same until they were told they must have put the unit into stealth mode (button mashers), fuck reading user manuals hay!
Been out for a while and is supposed to be quite good, once you put @ddave filters in it to fix the 'screen falling out' problem that Troy talks about,
He does sell the Vleaf Go as well but is out of stock.
Still looking forward to some extra savings come Black Friday to help cover the nasty shipping costs involved with not living in the US.
Troy also disliked the dim LED and other users complained about the same until they were told they must have put the unit into stealth mode (button mashers), fuck reading user manuals hay!
It wasn’t in the user manual....at all.
Most have been a different vape then, I have been known to get them mixed up, I know there a few vapes that have stealth modes that have confused a lot of users (i did with my F2 more than once)
Most have been a different vape then, I have been known to get them mixed up, I know there a few vapes that have stealth modes that have confused a lot of users (i did with my F2 more than once)
No, it was the Go. I was beta tester and brought up the issue of dim lights and they replied that I must have accidentally entered stealth mode. The stealth mode that they did NOT document at all.

if I remember correctly, holding down the power button for 10 sec enters and exits stealth mode.

they may have fixed the manual by now. Dunno.
Oh, OK, so I don't own one and I knew about the stealth mode yet it still shows as a con on Troy's site...not putting me off getting 2, c'mon Black Friday!
So this thing puts all the price defenders in their place a bit I think, truly

Does it hop? Not quite, but by fug does it skip hard
This vape differs from the hopper in that the hopper you can draw as hard or soft as you like and keep on producing vapour
With this it's the old long and slow draw
You have to practice to find the sweet spot but it isn't difficult to produce nice enough clouds
Not quite a hopper cloud, but not anything to scoff at
It hits, nicely
Like it is pretty much like having a cone

The hopper gives bigger clouds and harder hits on a full bowl, but that's because it has a much bigger bowl

If you pack the same amount of herb in each vape you get similar results
And similar hits tbh

I have been experimenting with both to compare them and at times having trouble faulting the GO
I do find I have the hopper and say - yea the hopper hops it does hit
But the GO gets me cone stoned pretty decently

Yes overall the hopper is built with better materials and tastes slightly better having less (not none) plastic or silicone bits in the airpath
Yes the hopper produces a slightly better quality vapour
Yes you can pack more in to get a bigger hit with the hopper

With the same amount of herb you get similarly high
It gives nice clouds and good hits

On water (the only place I've even used this or think it belongs - just like the hopper) this is cool and smooth vapour
Very little coughing unless go too hard
Neither vape is a dry vape to me, they are designed as cone replacements imo

I have managed to start combustion once with the GO only
I went for a long draw and was going slow to get big clouds
It started to combust
But this only happened once and you can produce clouds without going that slow

It just does give you thicker clouds if you go slow, compared to the hopper where you can just go hard or slow and not combust but get vapour both ways

If I was back at the very beginning of my vape journey this would have been an absolute beast to buy at $120 AUD delivered (using Troy's code or other codes out)
It packs a punch, it rips on a bong and gets you high

Longevity and any issues are for the future to tell

Is it a hopper? Not quite
Is it feckin close at less than a quarter price - yes
Is the hopper worth four times the price at least? Are others worth that much more?
Debatable on cost, performance is better

Is the hopper better? Yes,, when it works or isn't in warranty or doesn't need new batteries

The hopper has more fiddling to use at times because of small issues
The GO just packs and goes very easy to use

It is not the perfect vape nor does it produce the vapour quality some others do that I own

I only get the screen coming off occasionally if I don't empty the bowl immediately and the reclaim dries so it sticks to the bowl
Otherwise it only happens now and then
I have ddave screens coming to try but so far have not found this as annoying as others

The function is brilliant for a bong vape at $56 odd USD
It gets you high
It would help convert a bong smoker and cheaply

I rate this vape for function/price

It's not my best vape
It's a great little bong vape
If I was just starting or had a budget this is up there

The edge produces more vapour for longer
But isn't instant on and also has a bigger chamber
Better tasting than the GO though and longer battery life
I also like the caps with the edge and the fact I can both bong well and portable mp with it over the other bong portables
You can also hit hard or slow like the hopper with the edge to get big clouds and hits, so it has a stronger heater too I'd say

I find head to head with the hopper with same amount of weed it is pretty good for the price and gets you similarly stoned

I would prefer less plastic around
I would like to be able to swap the battery
I'd like to be able to draw a bit quicker/harder

Brilliant vape at a brilliant price

Other vapes need to drop the cost now and stop gouging

This vape could have some simple improvement and charge $100 and still be kicking butt

Not A class but priced way lower than anything else anywhere close to it's performance and it works

This is good to suggest to someone who smokes bongs that you want to convert
They can wet their feet in the vape world and not hurt the wallet, but are more likely to be satisfied and buy other vapes after compared to other more expensive offerings
Or good to buy as a present for someone you wish to convert as it's cheap for you to buy but still worthy and works on a bong nicely

I didn't write this as a proper review as others have done so elsewhere but more of an experience write up and comparison to edge/hopper

So far I'm very impressed with this
Especially for the price
Very capable little bong vape imo

A mix between this and a hopper would have us bong heads very satisfied - maybe a mix of the TM/hopper/GO/Edge
But I don't have a TM so not sure

None of the 4 are quite perfect, they are all almost there with different issues

One though is priced at a point where others need to meet in the middle somewhere now I reckon
Maybe in the future if HR and this vape keep pushing good vapes at affordable prices the market will be forced to be a bit more realistic

Just like every other market eventually does once the top guys stop colluding

Yes we will pay more for the better quality ones
But maybe we won't pay stupid prices for them

And maybe, just maybe we can spread the word and joy and health benefits of vaping to more people out there because it isn't out of the average persons reach to be healthier and access such devices if they can't afford the premium units

Hopper og vs GO is interesting
Hopper takes a minute to heat and you can't draw super duper hard before battery doesn't like it
Go works straight away and makes vapour

The hopper IO (if working flawlessly) would beat the GO hands down but the price point is the difference
But my IO is finicky atm too (waiting on new batteries to find out if this is a fault or batteries) as it takes a couple resets to start as if it has a dead battery inside
But a perfect IO would win

I still rate this for function and price though

Hopefully a sign for the future, improvement to the GO and lower prices elsewhere we might all win
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