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Accessories Dynavap And Other Induction Heaters


je pense donc je vape
Lithium is OK to flatten and fully charge just don't store them in that state (as @felvapes says, lithium is happiest between 20 and 80%, the quickest way to shorten a lithium battery's life is to store it dead or fully charged, save the full cycling for Ni-Cd (aa or aaa rechargeable batteries are the main wide use of that old tech now)!

Me too, that is why I like user-replaceable batteries for portables...it is hard to worry about battery longevity when out and about.

I have heard that the Ispire Wand does work with a Dynavap...how well is yet to be seen due to early testing...

Also, this looked good until the 200 to 250 price tag was mentioned,
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And by store, you mean long term.... not overnight, or a few nights...? As in, it's perfectly fine to fully charge it and deplete it regularly, if you're using it fairly regularly.... yup! absolutely...!

Just did the first somewhat serious test of the SourceVapes '21 Alpine Induction Heater... here we go, Battery Test #1:

Modified M17 tip (grooves cut in to top edge to provide more airflow to chamber), M20 (2 months old?) Captive Cap, Old Stubby stem.

Small amount of leftover kief-rich grinder grind (maybe 1 huge vape hit) lightly tamped down to the ccd then totally packed with grinder kief!

Fully charged Alpine after taking less than an hour to charge from DEAD?!

7 full cycles, meaning inserted until the auto shutoff/overheat protection (lightly blinking red lights in oven from being fully on when inserted and heating) is engaged, then I combusted (I know more how to control this, but not going into that now...)!! Dump clean and swab EVERYTHING (except no alcohol wash/cleaning for AquaLabs 14mm mini-wax rig, just water exchange), which is super quick with Old Stubby.

Load full chamber of flower. After 2 cycles (9 total), Alpine drops to 3 lights on. 6 more full heating cycles (16 total), unit drops to 2 on... during the 8th full cycle after that (23th now), it dropped to 1 briefly at the end, but did 2 more full cycles until 1 light was always on after heating... now only 1 light is on... 8 more full caps until DEAD...

33 full heating cycles until dead and once again, it took less than one hour to charge full.

edit: my Hotshot and Sneaky Pete DV order is out for delivery today and my rather large amended 4/20 dabbing warehouse order is due in tomorrow...! then that's it til maybe 7/10 or k-fri....!
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je pense donc je vape
New OTG water piece/kit:
Pretty dang portable if you drop the grinder, extra battery and charger...!
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Has anyone received Orion V2?

Do you like it?

Any discounts?

I have a Fluxer FlipV2, Flite and VHB Carbon. I love them all for different reasons. All have impressed me from a performance and quality perspective !!


PS I received a 2021 Vong in mid April and a replacement last week from Dynavap. The wood is badly scarred on both so I’ve requested a third replacement.
As an aside, my 2020 Omni has a finish which puts to shame all three of the new 2021 models. Dynavap is a great company so I’m sure they will make it right, but the QC on the 2021s is not up to their usual QC standards compared to 2020.

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My 2021 Vong should be here tomorrow. I hope I get one with a properly finished wood sleeve.

A few years ago I recieved two wood Vong bodies from Dynavap that were badly pitted and chipped. They immediately made it right and sent me much better quality replacements, but it left me wondering how anyone could have packaged up the first set and actually send them out.

I hope you receive a suitable replacement @RobbIt !


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it left me wondering how anyone could have packaged up the first set and actually send them out.
It is called poor quality control, I have 9 tips and they all have different ID's different, I purchased 3x 4th Gen tips from Canada only to find they were all different from the one I had and was happy with...an expensive pain to get one to fit my 2nd WoodScents, I finally got one that was too tight and filed it to fit :myday:


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Basement Farmer

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In the wild...


@Basement Farmer i see you didnt forget your Cholula lol, nice..
...a must have for the discerning traveler

I have been using the VHB for a month. Very impressive. Quality build and great design. It gets about 150 clicks (vs the Fluxer Flite v2 at 90 with three high quality 18350s).
Steve @VHB has been great answering my questions and sending replacement glass (which fell when I was removing it).
I appreciate not having to be put on a list to purchase and it arrived within the lead time. He took my money and I got it when he said I would....works for me.

Seems solid and everything I've read has been positive ( tho I didn't research exhaustively). As a recently converted torch luddite I would highly recommend, so far.

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