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Accessories Phattpiggies Wood Shed

Fat Freddy

Well-Known Member
@phattpiggie , are those wood or acrylic blanks?

NM, I Googled it:

Light Green colored snake scales for blades

Juma® is a high quality, modern processing material for production of components and art objects. It is a collection of various minerals embedded in resin.

It has:

  • Excellent work-ability such as drilling, milling, grinding and polishing
  • low breakage due to is high modulus of elasticity and homogeneous structure
  • high quality surface due to high surface hardness and low abrasion loss
  • resistant to many common substances such as detergents and oils
  • low water absorption
  • can be thermally shaped in boiling water
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Accessory Maker
@Helios that one was turned for shits and giggles so it's available.

The condensers usually get hand sawn with a fine toothed hacksaw but it's a pain to do and not a task I enjoy.
So it was time for an upgrade, abrasive wheel chop saw and a jig make the job more bearable.

Especially when it's this many bits of tube.

Afzelia Xylay with BW 45° MP and black 45° accents.

Big lump of Maple Burr arrived the other day destined to be IH enclosures,


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Accessory Maker
Put together another IH in Buckeye with a Blackwood baseplate. Lipo powered.
First coat of wax is always a pleasure to apply especially with a piece of wood like this.

Very rare standard size stems come out of the shed and it felt a bit alien making something so short.
Bog Yew with brass accent and Casein Ivory 10mm MP built around the smaller OD condenser.

Fly down to Southern Spain tomorrow morning on a family holiday so 9 days of abstention ahead of me, be good to clear my mind and have a proper think on what to do with those 40 condensers.

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