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Vape Tinymight Vape


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Okay, I'm out. Happy new year.
Not sure why you take offense to me saying that was a good review

I had also thanked you for your review bud and asked for updates

This thread has too much baiting, passive aggression and animosity seeping over from another forum

If we put ego aside we can remember why we are here and continue to share information and knowledge that is useful

Fat Freddy

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Here's a link to a discussion regarding the Tinymight that folks may find informative:



And a highlight from that thread by Khelelki (sp) stated 5 days ago that:

"TinyMight has specified that warranties will be handled through exchange, not repairs. Any devices needing repair would be replaced for the customer upfront and then those warranty devices would be shipped back to Finland for warranty repair (by KGWoodcrafts).
As for devices being covered, it would be any devices located within the US. This is all contingent on a few processes that are still being established, but as of right now, thats the plan!"



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Gee that thread is full of off topic comments
So all.over the joint on FC
Be great if people read good comments over there if they can just share that pertinent information or comments with us instead of a long arse thread

Cheers for the point in direction though, I do appreciate that

Just started to hurt my head reading 3 pages with very few decent comparison or reviews on topic

Semi interested in the p80 now, but couldn't really get a good idea of how it works/performs etc from that thread
FC is so frustrating

If anyone does want to read and get some info, page two has the most useful information, but still annoying and not well explained reviews imo
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Agreed about FC, I didn't see anything regarding separation of airpath from electronics unless I overlooked it? These units are not cheap! I swear guys This hobby loves to drain bank accounts, my disposable income isn't that disposable when it comes to keeping up with jonses. :tongue:


@Helios – I'm quoting from the TM-thread thread at fc:

mrhansen said:
The electronics sits on the metal plate at the bottom of the device. An small part of the electronics board is in the same air space than the airflow compartiment separated by a sheet of wood. The airflow is not completelly isolated since there are two holes in the sheet of wood, one for the coil connection and the other one to let the red led light pass thought the compartiment to the top of the glass stem.
I asked to the owner and he say that all parts and solder are according to specification following the RoHS directive and the air flow is not passing mainly through the electronics board and the hot air does not touch it. He also explained to me that the only harmful material when burned is the solder stop mask located in the battery contact spring but is on the other compartiment.

Jill NYC

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So all.over the joint on FC
Yeah, that thread on FC quickly became toxic, disjointed and seizure-inducing before anyone even got one in their hands. It has gotten better now that more people have it ... but I am much happier hearing about it over here in the Asylum - much more civilized.
They have basically scared away 2 retailers who were being nothing but helpful and wonder why the creator (who does not speak English well) doesn’t want to contribute there.
Major props to @Siebter for being as patient and helpful as one could possibly be in that situation.


I wouldn't say that the TM is mostly for microdosing – it's very flexible in that regard, up to .3g is very doable with this device. Bud just didn't find out about it yet when he was streaming.

Can't reply about the battery life, as I have no idea, but it works really well; one of the interesting aspects of the TM is that it does not care for your draw. You can draw hard & fast or slow & soft, both work well. I usually get 8 to 10 (on-demand) sessions per charge. The heating element is a stainless steel ribbon laid in circles.

The price seemed a little high to me at first, but then again, if you compare it with the DaVinci IQ2 (295$), the Crafty+ ($279), not to mention other artisanal devices, 250$ is actually quite okay for what you get. :-)


VGoodiez - Getting the Good stuff was never so EZ!
I just wanted to drop by and say I am still loving my Tinymight. Now that my Herborizer honeymoon is over I have been giving it more attention that it always deserved.

I still like to keep my temps on the low end of the scale. I start at 2 and rarely go above 5 even at the end of the session. I just find after about 2-3 great rips and another 3-4 meh rips, I don't see a need to push it further. When the taste is gone, I'm gone!

I have a number of scratches on the bottom housing but that is to be expected unless you baby it and store it In a velvet pouch all the time. To me it's signs of character and it doesn't bother me at all. Zero issues with the wood. I know people are already clamoring for exotic wood choices but I'm comfortable in saying you should forget about it for a while as it's not in the immediate plans. Right now focus remains on getting part suppliers stabilized and ramping up production. After that i believe there will be some focus on accessories.

Finally set up a little video shoot area in the basement so I'll put it on my to do list get get some vapor production videos. I know everyone wants to see those.

And happy to announce VGoodiez will in fact directly stock and provide service for the Tinymight once it becomes available to retailers. We will be in in the first shipment to the United States and at this point plan to offer worldwide shipping pending a discussion and approval from the manufacturer. I know US and Canada are good, we just have not discussed other scenarios.

Not prepared to discuss when units will arrive so please don't ask but I will be making a list for folks that want in on the first US batch so if you are interested please hit us up at sales@vgoodiez.com and we will be contacting you for notice and payment once they are headed this way.


I know people are already clamoring for exotic wood choices but I'm comfortable in saying you should forget about it for a while as it's not in the immediate plans. Right now focus remains on getting part suppliers stabilized and ramping up production. After that i believe there will be some focus on accessories.
Anything to keep it going sounds very reasonable to me. I'm sure the TM will look cool with a padouk or wenge body, but I actually like the understated, yet elegant look it has now. Also keeps the price in a nicer range. And: more friendly to the environment.

And yeah, mine keeps rocking too, love it every day. Also love to see how it infects non-vapers with the VAS virus. :-)


Herb Gardener.....
I am on the lookout for a new electric convection portable... this has my interest..
But iv been out of the game for a year so more research needed...
Any suggestions would be cool.. whats been dominating for the last year...??


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So, good to use while washing up!

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