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Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member
Which wood stems are your favorite for flavor?
I tend to steer toward the hardwoods like Cocobolo or Bocote. I don't really like the flavor of wood in my vapor.... which is a little funny when you consider how many wood stems and vapes I own. But the the majority of the stems I have... have condensers in them. So the wood flavor doesn't really come through except for on the lips. And that's minimal.

Basement Farmer

Active Member
I enjoy the glass stems as well. The flavor seems to be better than the metal and some of the wood stems. But I also manage to break them all lol...
Me too...already managed to actually

I was 'smart' enough to use it over the carpet but didn't have the foresight to see it bouncing and rebounding on a hard ski boot that was randomly sitting there waiting to be out away....consequences

Fun while it lasted and it definitely had a different flavor profile than my other stems... which are mostly SS lined.

I do have a few pure wood stems, but I don't detect anything remarkably different between them that wood (pun) make me favor one over the other.

It does surprise me that there is such a noticable difference between stems in general though....The length and if or if not it's ported seems to make the most difference IMHO.

They are all unique and good in their own way. But flavorwise I prefer my XL OG Omni as the one ring that rules them all


Enter the Dragon
Staff member
Thats why your one is my main VC I use dry. Besides it looking so damm cool @phattpiggie.

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PuffItUp Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC